Surfing Light Beams

Creating Immersive Adventures to Unlock The Renaissance Qualities Within You


R&D In Pre-Production. Working at the cutting edge of technology to create experiences to enhance people’s lives.


Finding opportunities for research to inspire new forms of content creation.


Creating playable stories using digital, film, theatre and site specific interactive installations.


The Philosophy

Surfing Light Beams is a start up media studio founded by Harmeet Chagger-Khan producing site specific projects and playable adventures that unlock polymathic qualities within individuals. Using locative and interactive storytelling, we create subtle behaviour change within communities, organisations and cities.

Having researched Cultural Innovation at the Futurelab, Ars Electronica & worked on behaviour change campaigns as Digital Strategist at M&C Saatchi, Harmeet uses the premise of storytelling across film & digital media, fused with the artistic expertise of other disciplines, to create a space where the inventor, the artist, the intellect, the communicator & the leader can be harnessed and for individuals to recognise how valuable their contribution is within a community, a society, an organisation or as a global citizen.

Since completing a Nesta Fellowship on the Clore Leadership Programme in 2012, Harmeet has continued to invest in work that creates people centric system change & advocates creative & cultural innovation across Birmingham.  Harmeet is a Resident at Pervasive Media Studio, Bristol and Fellow at Birmingham Open Media (BOM).  Using Harmeet’s vision and insights, Surfing Light Beams is currently exploring ‘antidotes’ to life using new technologies.

Creative Direction 100%
Audience Focused 100%
Collaboration 90%
Playable Adventures 95%

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