Haptic Fish Tank

Hololens: Microsoft details all available inputs and gestures ...

Producing The Haptic Fish Tank is a Hololens and Ultra Leap immersive experience for Deaf and near blind artist John Finn that tells the story of isolation and interaction through the destruction of an underwater environment.

The Unnamed City

Interactive stories about belonging scattered amongst a 3D installation of a utopian city. Commissioned by Heritage Lottery Fund for the Living Memory Project.

Mood Pinball

Mood Pinball - Data as Culture - ODI - The Open Data Institute

Mood Pinball playfully re-imagines how city-wide data might be used by an individual to find their comfort zones, and improve their experience of a city. The goal of Mood Pinball is to keep its Mood-o-Meter at ‘happy’, by responding to noise-level data revealed by gameplay. Commissioned by Open Data Institute & BOM with co-collaborators Ben Neal & Edie Jo Murray.


Re-Play: Augmented Reality Treasure Hunt for charity Kairos Women Working Together for young women at risk of sexual exploitation.

Medicine Walks 2.0:

Audio triggered stories for self reflection in city spaces. Commissioned by Manchester International Festival for delegates at their Adventures in Public to explore how people can have adventures in public.

BOM Fellow 2017 Onwards


Developing new expertise and artistic practise centred around gaming & play in urban spaces to find antidotes to life.

Immersion Fellow on the South West Creative Technology Network

Immersion Fellow researching how immersive experiences can cultivate resilience and create long-lasting positive behaviour change, through stories and playable experiences.


Resident at the Pervasive Media Studio to build networks with co-collaborators, share knowledge and explore how technology can heal.

Qawwali Shrine

A 300-year-old supernova remnant created by the explosion of a massive star.

RnD project attempting to map the sublime through Qawwali music in collaboration with artists, neuroscientists & psychologists at the University of Birmingham in partnership with Sampad. Audience developed through workshops, BEAST sharing, Shimmer Testing with GSR, heart rate & facial recognition & disseminated at Music Makes Waves Symposium as part of the Arts & Science Festival at University of Birmingham @qawwali_shrine

Performing Pedagogies


Documenting pilot project with the Royal Society of the Arts, Arts Connect, The Rep, Birmingham & The Playhouse to upskill primary school teachers in drama methodologies, in order to enrich children’s writing within the classroom

Kairos Women Working Together – Catch 22


Project with young women at risk of sexual exploitation, producing animation shorts containing messages about how they can feel safe, build resilience & be confident in situations of risk. https://vimeo.com/182330006

Southbank Centre – Knives, Forks and Fingers


4 women, 4 stories, 4 cities.  Stories of Mothers & their relationships with their daughters.  Director of film production working to produce 4 short films in an interdisciplinary theatre production directed by Hardeep Singh Kohli.  Toured nationwide from London to Birmingham, Doncaster & Oldham  https://vimeo.com/127693088

M&C Saatchi – Digital Strategist


Digital Strategist  for Natwest and behaviour change campaign for Change For Life. Realised how the commercial sector works, breaks boundaries, innovates and promotes growth and how a project communicates it’s messaging, finds visibility and engages a diverse audience. Developed insights and wider strategies that cross the circles between creativity, culture & heritage

Futurelab, Ars Electronica


Cultural Innovator researching how mass participation can lead to social change. Contributed to an Open Data project for the museum, ran creative consultations to identify how the Futurelab can capitalise on its creative talent & gained knowledge on its strategic focus learning how flexibility & resilience has positioned Ars Electronica as agents of innovation.